I’m Georgia Papadakis, a painter of fairies, horses, archetypes and dream imagery.

My mode of working is always somewhere between the expressionistic and the fantastic. My favorite way of painting is large and loose, with bold spiraling brushwork. I can enjoy rigorous detail in the service of improbable subject matter, but I’m seldom called to straight-up realism.

So what you’ll see here is either wild, watery expressionism… or light-hearted and lovingly rendered fairy art.

In May of 2013 I started a practice of working on art daily.

After college I arrived at a long dry spell, too concerned with mere survival to give myself over to art in a consistent and dedicated way. Finally I came to a point of assessment, and realized that like Ozzy says, I was “killing myself to live.”

What mattered to me, what was my purpose in living? I’d always known it was art, no hesitation. So I was going to get some art done even if it was tiny decorative art. No grand archetypal meanings, just pretty practice. I cut out some ACEO sized cards and got to work. (For the uninitiated, ACEOs are 2.5 x 3.5″ collectible artworks.)

Soon I was finishing roughly one tiny artwork every day. I felt good about getting things done. Between May of 2013 and March of 2014 I made ninety-nine ACEOs and fifteen 8×10′s. I’ve never been this productive in my art before, and half the time I still felt like I was slacking. (All of the ACEOs are posted on my Facebook page, until I get them uploaded here as well.)

But we are our own worst critics. I had this book full of cute original pop fairy art, and it wasn’t till I went on a road trip and met some new friends that I started to value my productivity. Looking through the book, my lady friend said proudly to the others, “This is all of Georgia’s work from the last three years!” And that was supposed to be impressive, even before I made the correction that no, this was just a year. Needless to say I felt pretty warm and fuzzy at the reaction.

I’m hoping that next year’s book will be bigger still, with more full-size paintings. I’ve had some settling in to do, having relocated to Florida (there’s a story…), but I’ll be back to daily practice soon enough.


Ask me about a custom faery portrait, or adopt one of the faery foundlings from the shop, and bring some sparkle into your life!

One of my faery paintings in three stages from start to finish:
(You can see more art progress pictures in my blog.)